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The most reliable and fairly advanced Photoelectric Sensors and Switches, whose sensitivity and accuracy makes them an ideal choice.

About Us

The dawn of the present century brought with an unprecedented wave of automation that drastically reduced the need of manual inputs in a number of tasks ranging from sophisticated calibration to sensing external stimuli and variable/fluctuations in target parameters. With the goal of introducing convenience and ease in industrial processes and lives of consumers respectively, Intelligent Micro System offers an expansive range of fairly advanced and efficient sensors and switches that are held in high regard on account of their class leading accuracy and sensitivity.

Our company was established in the year 2010, and in a very limited amount of time by industrial standards, we have managed to win the trust of clients and have forged a long lasting bind with them that is based on the grounds of trust and appreciation. With support of a highly competent leaders guiding us in our industrial journey, we have succeeded in cementing our reputation as a noted Manufacturer and Exporter of products such as Photoelectric Sensors, Proximity Switches, Acceleration Sensors, Frame Sensors and Photoelectric Switches among others. These sensors in the offering have widespread usage, from mobile devices, compressors, conveyor systems, roller coasters, automatic faucets, digital auto players, current transformers, to computer keyboards and printers.

Our Products

Ours is an assorted range of highly advanced and reliable sensors and switches, that are highly appreciated across the domain on account of their sensing capabilities, precision and longevity. Following is a list of broad categories to which our products belong:
  • Sensors
  • Switches
  • Gauges
  • Transducers
  • Counting Machines

We also provide optoelectronic presence sensing safety devices which sense any object's presence in its sensing field:

  • Light Curtains & Area Sensors
Quality Assurance

As far as accuracy and reliability are concerned, your investment of faith and capital is in the right hands with Intelligent Micro System, as our highly advanced array of automated sensing appliances are among the best that the market has to offer. This is on account of our uncompromising stance on sheer usability and quality standards, which have been achieved by implementation of the most innovative fabrication techniques and exclusive utilization of only the best grade components and latest generation of chipsets/innards, which guarantee significantly higher performance. Furthermore, numerous trial runs and performance runs on our end make sure that day-to-day utility and response is nothing short of class leading.

Why Choose Us?

The biggest achievement is of ours, that has made us the revered name we are right now, is our binary strategy of innovation and customer satisfaction, that are linked intrinsically to each other, with the former paving way for the latter. We believe that sound implementation of the latest developments in the domain and utilization of the latest breed of components is what guarantees peerless performance and efficiency. This strategy has garnered us widespread acclaim and proved to be reason behind the phenomenal success of our company, which owes a lot to the following traits associated with our company too:
  • Best in class products
  • Performance tested and certified
  • Bulk orders can be processed with ease
  • Highly competitive price points
  • Wide supply chain network
  • Timely dispatch and delivery of consignments
  • Flexible transaction media
  • Fully transparent proceedings
  • Ethical business policies